Humility is the Cornerstone of Leadership

My good friend and author of the best-selling QBQ! book, John G. Miller, recently wrote:

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The day I achieve a total state of humility, I shall be quite proud!”

Besides the tongue-in-cheek humor, to me that quote is all about a very wise person stating truth: It’s challenging to stay humble when we’ve actually succeeded. When we’ve made the big sale, delivered the project on time or our child wins Valedictorian, we get the promotion, our IQ is higher than everyone around us, or we win a gold medal. It’s just hard to show the humility that is required of leaders. That’s the “humanness” in us.

But that does not deny this truth: Humility is and forever will be the cornerstone of leadership.

I sure agree with John, and look for examples of humility. Right now I see it in …

Tom Brady.

That name probably does not mean much to you, unless you live in the Northeast or are a National Football League fan. But as an Atlanta Falcon’s fan, it’s a name that puts fear in my soul and yet hope in my heart. Brady is the quarter back for the New England Patriots football team and there isn’t much that stops him. Time and time again he moves his team like a machine to the end zone. Breaking records is his thing and showing humility is, too.

In a time when so many players dance and frolic when simply doing their job on the field, here is a man that must have been raised right. He has certainly caught my eye, not just for his amazing athletic talent, but for what he does when he achieves the goal:


When he throws a 60 yard strike to one of his receivers in the end zone he doesn’t run to the sideline seeking accolades from his coach and other players. Nor does he dance a fancy jig for the world to see. He simply isn’t wired that way.

Actually, he does do something: He gives a quick handshake or a pat on the back to his teammates, and I am positive he’s saying, “Thanks, man, we did it together.”

Thus he gives me hope because of what he models for other players, the fans, young people and me. Sometimes I need to remember how Brady “celebrates” his successes … by showing genuine humility. And this makes him the best sort of leader: One whose character and actions influence others to become better people.

I’m sure, wherever he is, Mr. Franklin is a Tom Brady fan. And this Atlanta Falcons fan must admit he is, too.

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