About James L. Strutton

James L. StruttonJim is the CEO, President and founder of Accountability Plus, Inc. He lives in the greater Atlanta area and works from his Gainesville office. His son Michael is the Chief Product Officer for Vitrue an Oracle Company based in Atlanta, GA.

Jim began his career in the development industry in 1975. He was the Founder and President of The National Association of Sales Trainers, a seminar firm that specialized in enhancing the abilities of both salespeople and sales managers. Six years after founding this business he saw clearly that seminars would not produce the long-term behavior change but only educated and inspired people for the short term.

In 1981, he began a search of development firms looking for two things: 1. Practical development content that could easily be implemented; and 2. An implementation approach that would produce a process and not just an event.

After an extensive search, he joined The Fortune Group International, Inc. because it met both criteria. He began his Fortune career in sales and has served as SVP and CEO. After resigning his position as CEO with Fortune he reestablished his own training firm, still representing Fortune, and he formed a new bond with his long term friend and CEO of QBQ, Inc. to provide his clients greater training resources.

Since 1981 Jim has personally consulted and worked with firms such as Abbott Labs, BNSF Railway, Cardinal Health, Dex Media, Focus Brands, Illinois Tool Works, Infor Global Solutions, Pfizer, Verizon Wireless, Zee Medical plus many others.

Also, Jim possesses Fortune’s prestigious Master Trainer Qualification. Additionally, he has written several articles that have been published in such publications as D & B Reports, Manage Magazine, Boardroom Reports plus others.

Jim is an outstanding speaker and facilitator! His success is based on his intense belief that the greatest asset any organization has is its people and the key to enhancing this asset are managers who are DEDICATED to DEVELOPMENT!

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