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“LGI Homes is now the 10th largest homebuilder in the United States with revenues of $1.5 billion in 2018. We do not believe we would have achieved these milestones without The Fortune Group’s Training Solutions. We have used them since 2003 with each new representative participating in a two day LGI training session in their third week of employment. The sales training presented on DVD’s by Steve Brown provides deep discussion with each session. Additionally, Steve’s solution Based selling is quoted by our employees daily and have increased sales and closings. Each participant received the audio version on the video course and they are encouraged to listen to them daily basis as it gives them a track to run on and something to turn to when challenges appear.” Mike Snider, President & COO LGI Homes

“We have put ALL of our field salespeople through “Solution Based Selling”- over 650 people. It has given us a common language when we discuss selling and where they stand in a sale. 

It has given our experienced sellers a shape to follow for their already strong skills. At the same time is has become a map for the newer folks so they have a path to follow from start to finish! It’s a Great training sales training system that does produce results!” Henry Lanouette, Manager of Training  Zee Medical, Inc.

“We have held two Leadership in Action programs and have a 3rd scheduled. All attendees have recommended the program for others and had very positive comments on the information and overall program. The most common post-evaluation comment is; ‘I wish I could have completed this program years ago.’” Tom Koch, Director of Organizational Development, Ridley Inc.

“In implementing the QBQ! training system on personal accountability we’ve seen a vast reduction in the “we’ve always done it that way” mindset. QBQ! has helped the staff search for new solutions together. Creating a NO BLAME environment has made staff much more forthcoming about their own performance and ways to improve. Department employee satisfaction surveys continue to show an increase in the area of “satisfied” to “very satisfied.” As employees become more involved, there is greater overall job satisfaction.” Sharon L. Harris, MS, MT (ASCP) SBB, Laboratory Director, HARRIS METHODIST H•E•B HOSPITAL

I facilitated “Practical Sales Management Strategies for Today” for the District and Area Managers in May went very well. The team was thirsty for new tools and skills and really seemed to enjoy the content and the format. I presented the sections on Management Defined and the Major Mistakes Managers Make (13 Fatal Errors). The plan is then to have the Region Executives facilitate the other sections at regional manager meetings. I’m a big fan of this training system! John Schumann, Vice President Industrial Water Ashland Water Technologies

“We have all become more effective leaders since you have been helping us. As I use the principles and techniques that I have acquired from the leadership system, I am finding our entire International Organization has become more effective. We now are taking the course to our dealers.” Joyce Keehn, Director International Sales, TREK BICYCLE CORP

“QBQ! is the absolute best tool for making personal accountability come to life in an organization. This easy-to-implement idea is one that works for senior management as well as the front line—and everyone in between. We are committed to making accountability a core value at Husqvarna and QBQ! shows us the way. ” Debbie Slocum, VP Human Resources, 
Husqvarna Construction Products

Please enjoy this podcast as John Miller, Author & Presenter of QBQ! discusses training in general and then interviews the VP of North America and the VP of Human Resources for Husqvarna Construction Products and discusses with them why they chose the QBQ! training system and the results they have seen. [Audio Link: QBQ! Podcast Testimonial]

“I wanted to write to you to let you know what kind of Impact QBQ has had on our organization. I have had the opportunity to facilitate the QBQ course to over 100 employees thus far and have received nothing but positive feedback and praise at the end of each class. Some of the participants have stated to me that this is the best course they have ever attended, others have passed what they have learned on to others. I now have people asking me to place them in one of my classes. I also would like to say that the QBQ has been very helpful to me in my own life. I look forward to continuing to spread the message of the QBQ throughout our entire organization.” Glenn J. Newby, Training & Development, BNSF RAILWAY

“The Practical Sales Management sessions we facilitated to all our Sales Managers went extremely well. We had them complete a written feedback sheet at the end of the course and the response was “overwhelmingly” positive. Many of them were asking that we continue to reinforce the material over the course of the year – which we plan to do. Thanks again for all of your help. This investment will definitely contribute positively to our bottom line over the next year!” Robin Hager, VP Sales West Region, Dex One

Let me take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for getting us involved in the QBQ process.  It was a huge hit with our folks and will have an impact for years to come. Russ Umphenour, CEO  FOCUS Brands Inc.

“I can think of a few words to describe my facilitation of QBQ! yesterday: wow, no way, unbelievable, eye opening, inspiring, sensational, motivating, life changing, I could go on and on and on! This was definitely the single most powerful training day we have had at our company. I really want you to understand how strong of a statement I am making! Our organization provides structured training and have accomplished many great things. yet I am still in awe over the QBQ! training course! I can say for sure the change is happening, I know because I have changed! It all started when I bought the book. Of course, at that time, I was only interested in all the other people who needed personal accountability. I was guilty! I was also willing to open up and change myself but thought my benefits would be minimal compared to others! I now realize I am the one that needed to change and continue to change. It really is a guiding principal that touches every aspect of my life! The greatest part is the freedom! We are not free because we live in a free country, we will only experience true freedom when we free ourselves from all the negative thoughts and recognize we have the power to change them! Do I need to say anymore?” Sandy Phillips, Training Manager, ELGA CREDIT UNION

“I have facilitated QBQ sessions for 80 team members here at Dell with another 90 scheduled. The message is catching on and spreading throughout the development organization. The material is refreshing and every session I facilitate the message sinks in more and more. I watch people transform during the training and their eyes light up with excitement. They realize that this training is for them and they do not need to wait on the corporation to implement a new process or program. QBQ is the catalyst our organization needed to get us excited and working together and practicing personal accountability daily. Thank you!” Roger Guffey, Test Engineering Manager, DELL COMPUTERS

“After implementing your Development Process, we saw our sales increase from 2-5% growth per year to 25-35% growth per year.” Tony Tinaglia, Vice President Sales,OMRON ELECTRONICS

“WOW!! What service, do you guys do everything this fast?? Thanks so much! QBQ is the ‘buzz word’ around here these days and it seems to be catching fire. We are already talking about buying the new QBQ book when it is released as a follow up to the training this year. Our people really seem to ‘get it’ and the message is hitting home! Thank you for such a great training system.” Dave Field, VP Operations, INTERPRINT, INC.

“We just completed our QBQ training, and it went extremely well! The reception from my management team was very positive, and I was very pleased with the depth of thinking and conversation around the “pause and process” points. The facilitator guide was extremely helpful. We conducted the training over two afternoons. There was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in anticipation of each of the sessions. While I feel that we are further along than most groups in terms of applying this material, there is always ways to improve and we plan to cascade this material to others in our organization.” Bob Whip, President, HORIZON FITNESS

“Fortune systems have been a tremendous success. We’re taking it throughout the organization, from the executive manager level to the field sales representative.” Joe O’Malley, Senior Vice President Sales, OKIDATA

“The Fortune systems link sales managers and representatives together in a continuous sales training process where everyone shares the same values, techniques and philosophy. The knowledge and skills taught in the classroom are reinforced through field coaching.” Gary Mankellow, Director Sales Development, PFIZER

“A rep turned to me and said that this was the first sales training program he had ever taken where it specifically related to the products and the problems that he faced in the field.” James J. Carbonari, VP Sales & Marketing, OSMONICS, INC.

“We had our first QBQ training session with 11 people attending. It was a great day! I was a little nervous about the timing of an eight hour session especially if people weren’t talkative but it worked out perfectly. The facilitator’s instructions were so helpful and the group loved all the activities/discussion.”

“Here are some comments from our survey about the class:”
· This is an excellent topic. Kudos to everyone for having this session. Very impressed with the materials/books provided. This was a class A session.
· I actually enjoyed the format, at first I thought it was going to be boring, I was wrong! ( I love this person’s brutally honest comment.)
· Since this was a new training program to Altra, I was a little skeptical at how the time would be filled over the course of a full day! This is one of the best prepared sessions I have been a part of here at Altra. It was TRULY interactive and it was a lot of fun yet very informational. Deb was very well-prepared and was able to let it be comfortably interactive yet, stay on track time wise.
· I liked that it was a full day, yet the information was not overwhelming! I liked that we had discussion time and we all could talk about our experiences and concerns without anyone judging.
· These skills can be used at work and at home. Remembering that you cannot change people and that it all starts with you is a great lesson. This can impact every relationship you have. Knowing that we all have a choice in every decision that we make is a great point, if you don’t like your box.. change it! LOVED this session!
· I will use QBQ in both work and home environments. With work, I learned a lot about customer service. The stories that were shared were inspiring and I hope that I can make an impact on our members as the people did in the author’s stories. I also really enjoyed the blame and victim thinking. These are both so negative and staying away from these will really improve just how you think of life. These things I really remember in both home and work and hopefully be able to build stronger relationships.

“From these survey comments and others I received immediately after the class, I believe QBQ was a huge success!! We have another session scheduled for the end of June and I know we will have another full class (plus a waiting list) again. Thanks for having QBQ as a practical interactive session we can offer to our employees. They loved the topic and I loved facilitating it!” Deb Benson, Training Manager Altra Federal Credit Union

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