APlus Blog: It is a Leader’s Responsibility to Train Their People!

In 35 years in the Training and Development Industry, I have heard so many manager’s say, “I don’t need to train because we only hire experienced people.” The trouble with that statement is what we hire is not always what we get. Additionally, change means train, new technology means train, new systems mean train, new equipment mean train, new policy changes mean train, new products/services mean train, etc.

Effective Leaders recognize they must be involved in the training process. If they are not, they can’t properly follow up and coach. They also need to understand there is a difference between training and education. It is purpose! The purpose of education is to provide knowledge, it evaluated based on what people know at the end of the process. The purpose of training is to get action, and it is evaluated on what people can and will do after the process. This means training must be more highly organized than education because the result of disorganized training is confusion and when people are confused they will not take action.

We recommend a three step formula for effective training and label them with words Leader’s can remember and use. They are UNCOVER, DISCOVER and RECOVER. The purpose of Uncover is to create within the participant a desire to master the material to be covered. They need to understand the benefits of the material to them personally. The purpose of Discover is to present the material in a fun and exciting manner so the participants can remember it. If they can not remember it, they will never use it. Finally, the purpose of Recover is to positively recognize and reinforce the participant’s progress. Without Recover, we only have education. The people need to have the opportunity to put what has been taught into practice through role-play, case studies, discussion, etc.

Another point about training is it must be conducted in a GOOD FINDING environment, never a FAULT FINDING environment. Remember anything worth doing is worth doing miserably at first. With practice it will only improve, but not unless they are recognized for what they did well. If you feel there needs to be some negative critique after you share the things you felt they did well, ask them this question. “If you had that to do over again, what would you do differently?” They will tell you if they have been instructed properly. If they don’t know, you can ask more specific questions to lead them to the area(s) they need to improve. If they tell you as their Leader, you have someone receptive to re-training and there must be repletion in training.

We do not learn to ride a bike in one effort or drive a car. It takes constant repetition to develop a new skill. After we train them, we must coach them and coaching has the same purpose as training to get action. To accomplish this we must observe them so that we can tell them the specific things they did well and ask them where they felt weak. We need people who seek our help not hide from it.

To learn more, go to the top of this page and use the Leadership in Action dropdown to see how we can be of assistance in helping your managers become more effective Leaders with the proper attitude regarding training. You will also find a video preview of this result oriented training system. I would be happy to help you gain a greater understanding of the course if you contact us. Thank you for your consideration. All our best to your success!

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