APlus News: Where is Your Business Heading?

Interesting question and we welcome your feedback. These are challenging times and they lead our people to worry and frustration. The foundation of business success is our people, as they are our greatest asset. We all are a product of our thinking, we can’t afford to have negative thinking within our group(s). It will translate to mistakes and non-effective communication within our company and with our customers.

Involved with inconsistent times there is one consistent thing! We all must produce more with less people. Most of us do not have the luxury of just hiring new people. We must grow with the people we have in place.

I have found so many companies recognize in times like we are in, we must be proactive and open to new ideas. Not just settling for what we get but still growing. Nothing is ever static, we are not growing we are falling behind in our industry. Being on the cutting edge is difficult with worried and frustrated people, as it leads people to bad habits. A few are blaming other people or departments, making excuses for a lack of productivity and victim thinking, feeling deserving of more, based on longevity.

I mention that because we have a solution to those challenges and can help your company. The solution is one or both of two courses: “Leadership in Action” which helps managers effectively lead their teams and build belief in the organization and/or “The QBQ! and Personal Accountability.” It helps everyone understand “HowTo” be accountable while building belief in them, the company and it’s products/services.

As we mentioned earlier we are a product of our thinking. By that we mean our behaviors come from our thinking. If we are blaming and making excuses at work, we are negatively influencing other people. The two systems really compliment each other and help people be more effective on the job and in life. You can learn more about them at the top of this page. Just pick either or both of the dropdown menus and read about them and even see a video preview. They are designed to be facilitated internally in your organizations to customize the skill content to your people while building a culture of accountability.

If you doubt what we say, read the testimonials of our partners, see what they have seen.

Thank you for investing the time to read this message, should you have questions or interest, please contact us. If you are not responsible for training, then help your company by sharing this website with the person who is. These courses really work, and you won’t be disappointed. All our best to your continued success!

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