As a leader, are you really effectively coaching?

Belief building is a major part of being an effective coach and perhaps the most important part. When an employee is asked to perform a new task, they evaluate it based on their personal strength. Essentially they ask themselves 2 questions.

1. What are my chances of success?

2. Where is the value to me? (self esteem, not money)

If they answer the first question with something like, ”I don’t think I can do it,” they will not try for they gain no self esteem in failing. It makes no difference what you as their leader or what other people think, only what they think that counts.

I have found so many managers are ineffective in dealing with this. Why? Because the manager uses the old motivation routine of saying things like, “You can do it”. Bob does it, Mary does it, Joe does it, and you can too. It’s not that hard. The motivational approach does not work!
Trying to motivate someone is a waste of time. Motivation is internal and personal. A person either has it or they don’t and if they don’t, we cannot synthetically put it there.

What we must do is insure the person has the plan and skills to do the task. This is where true coaching comes into play. We should help them develop a plan. Then, depending on the task, question the person to determine why the feel they can’t succeed? Help them develop a plan is a part of coaching and then follow up on how they are working it.

If it’s a skill deficiency, a leader coaches them by training them in the proper skills to accomplish it. Role-play with them. Praise their progress. Build their belief in themselves.

As a leader/coach, if you feel their lack of belief is the issue, talk with them, question them, help them see the personal benefits to them in succeeding. They don’t care about benefits to you or the team only themselves. People will try almost anything if they understand the purpose, have the skills and see the benefits to themselves. Insure they do!

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