Business Leaders can’t take time outs

While watching the Patriots chew up Miami in the first game of the NFL season, one of the announcers commented on the work of ethic of Patriots team leader, star quarterback and seemingly great guy, Tom Brady. His words were something to the effect, of, I watched Tom in practice this week, and no matter what he was doing, it seemed like he did it with purpose. He brings the same intensity to practice that he does to game situations. You read and hear a lot of things about leaders, but he had me at “PURPOSE!”

No Timeouts in The Life of a Leader:

You don’t get time off from your role as a leader. There are no timeouts, no after hours hang-up-your-hat and become one of the gang situations.  I’ve attended too many company after-hours events where the boss made an ass of himself or herself to know that NO ONE really wants to see the boss take a timeout.

The most effective leaders I’ve worked for, with and now coach, understand that every encounter, from the greeting in the parking lot to the hallway conversation to lunch to participation in meetings, represents an opportunity to do something positive for someone or some group.

Prepare Your Mind to Lead Effectively-Before You Walk in the Door:

One of my favorite examples is the senior manager who spends a few extra moments “prepping” for the day in her car in the parking lot before walking into the office.  She’s not putting on makeup or fixing her hair. She’s preparing her mind to engage, to lead, and to remember that her focus is on others and helping them solve problems in pursuit of their priorities.  This professional engages with purpose every single minute of her day.

Seven ways You Can Engage with Purpose Everyday:

1.Your polite but focused questions help teach.

2. Your thoughtful (never rushed or harassed) responses show respect.

3. Your willingness to listen shows that you care.

4. Your encouragement at a moment of failure accelerates learning and helps grow confidence.

5. Your fair and constant reinforcement of accountability sets performance expectations.

6. Your willingness to delegate decisions shows trust.

7. Your interest in helping others advance and grow builds fierce loyalty and great teams.

Your management of yourself models the values and behaviors of an effective leader. Be prepared and have purpose in your efforts. Remember there are no time outs!

I hope these tips helped you and if they did I hope you will explore our Leadership in Action multimedia training system. It is designed to be implemented internally to instill a winning culture into any organization.


Jim Strutton, CEO

Accountability Plus, Inc.

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