Exploring Even more of the Major Mistakes Managers Make

Earlier, I shared 2 mistakes that prohibit managers from being effective Leaders and even parents and today I cover a couple of more.

The next error is trying to control results rather than influence thinking. If a person doesn’t hit the target or objective, too many manager talk only about the numbers and their failure to hit them. People are a product of their thinking. If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! Managers would find it much easier to get the person focused on the target or objective by building the person’s belief. Successful people are successful because they belief in 3 things. The first is the company they represent, next the products or services, internal or external, that they provide and lastly they believe in themselves. Leader’s build their people’s belief, manager’s talk about numbers or the lack of them.

Another weak area or mistake a manager makes is being the buddy not the boss. I don’t like the word boss but it is the best I can use right now. Many managers are promoted up through the ranks simply because they have done a good job they are promoted to manager, often of the same group. They naturally have, or appear to have, stronger relationships with some more than others. This leads them to cut corners for people and show favoritism or what is perceived that way. Leaders never put themselves in comprising positions with anyone they lead! Thanks and have a great day!

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