Exploring Some of the Major Mistakes Managers Make

This week I will be sharing some of the mistakes we make as managers that prohibit us from being effective Leaders. Leadership can best be defined as the skill of attaining predetermined objectives with and through the voluntary cooperation of others. Those others can be the people on our team at work or even our children as we find out later. Now let take a look and some of the first two major mistakes. The first is:

We refuse to accept personal accountability for our actions, if we blame and make excuses for a lack of success how can we expect the people we lead not to do the same? Leaders demonstrate Personal Accountability!

Second on the list is we fail to develop people. People constantly ask us questions and what is our normal tendency? To answer them, rather than question, lead and guide the person to self discovery of the answer. If we only give answers we are training them to bring all their questions to us. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t mind a question, however, I do expect the person asking to have possible solutions also. This is the area that costs us feel that we don’t have enough time to complete our own job. How could we if we are answering all the questions and solving all the problems of our people too. You can not build a strong team on weak people. Leaders develop people!

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