A Leader’s Job is to Help Their Team Members Succeed.

Every Leader has two jobs. Simply put the job is to help the team succeed by believing in their company and its mission. The other part of the job is helping your team members succeed, too. “Succeed” means do a good job, develop skills, earn autonomy, grow, and much more. Unfortunately, nether part gets much attention!

Both jobs are equally important and here are some other tips to think about.

Leaders accept Personal Accountability.

Leaders never refer to Corporate management or any other department as “THEY.”

Leaders are problem givers not problem solvers.

People are different and should not be treated the same.

Base your judgments on behavior and performance.

Let your people know where they stand often, don’t wait for an annual review.

Change mean train, a huge part of the Leaders job.

Give team members the maximum control possible over their work.

Leaders confront incompetent behavior and don’t ignore it.

Change is a way of life and Leaders are change agents.

If you find these tips helpful, you should consider our two multimedia training systems entitled “Leadership in Action” and “Practical Sales Management Strategies for Today” both featuring W. Steven Brown. These systems are designed to be facilitated internally by a client to customize the message to the managers and the company.  They help any organization build a method that vastly improves people’s ability to perform.

For a PDF overview of one or both courses to learn more and see how they can be successfully implemented into your organization just request it by clicking here. We appreciate your time and hope this has helped.


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