The Accountability Plus Process

Ben Franklin once said: “Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn!” The heart of The Process is participant involvement in a team learning approach that is facilitated by management. A Facilitator is a person who creates an environment of self-discovery by challenging people to think, discuss, plan and implement action ideas. The System is a series of development courses that presents instructional content through video. The video serves as a catalyst designed to help the facilitator stimulate the team learning environment. We turn what was once a training event into a development PROCESS by providing:

Practical Content
The DVD video presented content is real life, not theory. The skilled video presenter not only shares strategies and tactics but also purpose. The key to success is understanding your purpose.

As repetition is the motor of learning and the only way to modify behavior, the DVD video content can, and should, be repeated at regularly scheduled meetings.

Ownership Of Management
By initiating this process at the most senior level and allowing it to cascade, we gain management ownership of the content and process. Then, by allowing managers to lead and coach the subsequent sessions, we gain their true commitment to reinforce the actions.

Consistent Message With Integration
The DVD video based system ensures a quality consistent message in all locations and/or departments. Through management’s involvement in facilitation the content is personalized and integrated into the challenges facing your organization.

Easy To Facilitate
Our Systems facilitator manuals each have built in stops. Each stop provides questions, exercises and role-plays to promote commitments to action. They do not require a highly skilled trainer. Managers can do it without having to invest hours and hours trying to memorize content.

The DVD video presentation is non-threatening and promotes honest, open discussion. An average person will not always open up and take issue with a live instructor. We have proven they will with video. Our systems serve as a catalyst to challenge thinking and encourages the sharing of workable ideas, techniques and approaches. The team learns from each other as well as the system.

Any process needs support. Accountability Plus will support you in several ways, beginning with implementation, to ensure facilitation effectiveness. Participant support falls into two categories: The classroom, with carefully designed workbooks and other supportive materials: And more importantly, post class materials, including CD audio soundtrack kits for each participant (a tool that enables repetition and review on a self paced basis). Our service support is a continuing process. We offer coaching designed to enhance the process to ensure you attain the results you are seeking.

Maintenance, care and concern for your needs, is our standard of excellence!

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