Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Accountability Plus training system I need?
Permit us to consult with you by phone or in person to help you make the right selection.

How do I get a training system?
Accountability Plus, Inc. will provide a license to your organization for your selected training system(s). We do not sell the training system(s). The producing training company retains the ownership of the video presented content for copyright protection.

How much does the system cost?
The true cost in training is doing nothing. Your people stay the same and produce the same or less. The only fair way to determine the investment in a training system is by the number of people the client commits to train with it. The principle method of investment is: The system selected, how many people to be trained and how we implement. The tuition is a one time charge; a client can retrain as often as they like for no charge.

What comes with the system?
Facilitator materials, including video and manual. Participant materials, including workbook, audio sound tracks of the presented video content, pocket cards, books with certain courses, action planing materials plus other support materials.

How long is the license?
Normally, one year.

Is the license renewable?
Yes, at the client’s option, on an annual basis

How much is the renewal fee?
It depends on the system but normally between $500 – $750 per licensed system(s).

What does this renewal fee cover?
It maintains the training system against any defects. Additionally, it permits the on going use of the system and protects your tuition rate against inflation.

How do you keep track of how many people we train?
We trust our clients and depend on their integrity. We also supply student materials with paid tuitions so that is one way to audit the continued usage.

Can we select the videos we want?
Generally we do not split a system because it is just that…a system. A series of well constructed videos that tie together to provide maximum benefit.

Can I license the video without paying tuitions?
No, the system is unusable without someone to train.

How do I get certified to facilitate?
There is no certification required because of the way we have produced our facilitator manuals with built in pauses with questions, exercises and role-plays to promote involvement by the team and lead to specific action plans.

Does Accountability Plus, Inc. provide support for facilitators?
Yes, we do! By phone and email-and in person if local. We do provide continuing review meetings for a fee that is dependent on the system, number of people and length of the session.

We’re a small organization and don’t have anyone to facilitate. Can someone from Accountability Plus facilitate for us?
Although our belief is you can integrate the training content yourself far better than we can, yes, we can facilitate for you. There is an additional per day rate for this service.

Can we preview a training system?
Yes! Previews are available under each system’s drop down menu.

Do you supply keynote speakers?
Yes, even though we are not a speaker’s bureau, we do have a few professional speakers that we recommend.

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