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QBQ! The Question Behind the Question
By John G. Miller
Hardcover – 125 pages (Putnam Publishing Group)

Flipping The Switch – Unleash The Power of Personal Accountability Using The QBQ!
By John G. Miller
Hardcover – 129 pages (Putnam Publishing Group)

By John G. Miller
Hardcover – 206 pages (Putnam Publishing Group)

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QBQ! or FTS or OUTSTANDING! Books (Minimum Order 6 books)

QuantityPriceShippingTotal Investment
Box of 6$109$15$124
Box of 12$199$20$219
Box of 24$379$25$404
Box of 36$547$25$572
Box of 48$703$35$738
Box of 60$847$50$897
Box of 72$979$60$1,039
Box of 84$1,099$60$1,159
Box of 96$1,207$75$1,282
Box of 108$1,303$75$1,378
Box of 120$1,447$85$1,532

QBQ! and FTS Combo box sets (Minimum Order 1 box of 6 books each)

QuantityPriceShippingTotal Investment
Box of 6 ea.$225$20$245
Box of 12 ea.$399$25$424
Box of 24 ea.$743$35$778
Box of 36 ea.$979$65$1,044
Box of 42 ea.$1,099$65$1,164
Box of 48 ea.$1,207$75$1,282
Box of 54 ea.$1,303$75$1,378
Box of 60 ea.$1,447$85$1,532

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