Why QBQ!

John G. MillerA note from John G. Miller, CEO of QBQ, Inc., and author of
QBQ! The Question Behind the Question® and Flipping the Switch

Why QBQ!? Because it works. Here’s what a QBQ, Inc. client
has to say …

“QBQ! is the absolute best tool for making personal accountabilitycome to life in an organization. This easy-to-implement idea is one that works for senior management as well as the front line—and everyone in between. We are committed to making accountability a core value at Husqvarna and QBQ! shows us the way.”

Debbie Slocum, VP of HR
Husqvarna Construction Products

The Question Behind the Question (QBQ!) method of practicing personal accountabilitycame about as a result of many years of research in the organizational development field. The discovery we made is this:

  • When people ask questions like, “Why do we have to go through all this change?” and “Why can’t we find good people?” it’s nothing more than victim-thinking.
  • “When will we get better systems?” and “When will someone solve the problem?” lead to procrastination.
  • And “Who dropped the ball?” and “Whose idea was this anyway?” are all about blameand finger-pointing.

QBQ! provides the “how to” of personal accountability by helping people turn these questions around and ask The Question Behind the Question. Whether delivered at your live event by a member of our speaking team, through our DVD-based training program you facilitate in-house, or just by reading our books, QBQ! eradicates the common yet dangerous traps of victim-thinking, procrastination, and blame. When this occurs, productivity, teamwork, morale, creativity, safety, communication, and problem-solving are enhanced. There is also a faster adaptation to change by your people, which is critical for competing in today’s global economy.

Designed for and practiced by the individual—but beneficial to the group and team—QBQ! material is practical, universal, and timeless. It applies to organizations in every industry—and to people at every level. Just ask Debbie at Husqvarna!

Lastly, our personal accountability content is foundational. Having entered the training industry in 1986, I’ve learned that when an organization trains people on customer service, management, sales, change, leadership—or any other topic—and personal accountability has not been established as a core value within the organization, training dollars are often wasted.

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