So, now you’re A Leader

There are some times in life when everything changes. For families, it’s the birth of the first child. For people in business, it’s moving from individual contributor to the Leader. Here are a dozen things to think about.

Being a Leader is a different kind of work, more like changing a career than changing jobs.

You may have been a leader before, but now being a leader is part of your job.

The team is now your destiny and you’re accountable for the way they accomplish the mission.

You will do better if you work to help your team members succeed.

You’re the default decider.

It can to take you more than a year to get effective and comfortable with the basics of the job.

It can take you a decade to master the job, without an effective development course.

You are responsible for your own development, no matter what programs your company has.

Some people who used to think you were competent now assume you’re a jerk.

Some people will laugh at your jokes who never used to think you were funny.

Conversations are your primary tool for getting your job done.

You will almost certainly not be ready for your new work, hardly anyone is, but you will be expected to perform right away.

Leader’s Bottom Line

When you become a Leader, your job is to help the team and the team members succeed. It can be the most rewarding job in the world, or a living hell. You make the choice.

As always, I hope that what I have shared helps you be more effective in Leadership. To learn more about this and many other areas of effective leadership, please explore our “Leadership in Action” multimedia training systems and the process we use to implement it into your organization.

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