Still More Mistakes Managers or even Parents Make That Prohibit Leadership

Today I will cover 2 more of the 13 Major Mistakes Managers or even parents make that prohibit them from being leaders. We welcome your feedback. The first mistake I wish to talk about today is having a We/They environment.

What I mean by that is so often we see ourselves and our team as we and everyone else as they. Whenever we refer to senior management or Corporate as they we are driving a wedge between our people and senior management. My best friend John Miller, author of “QBQ!” “The Questing Behind the Question,” Flipping the Switch” and “Outstanding” often tells the experience he had working with a major medical firm where the field sales force had a nickname for the corporate office. They called it SPC, The Sales Prevention Club. Ridicules, but true. We must help out people see our entire organization as WE! Please watch your pronouns

The next mistake is treating everyone the same way. They are not the same and must be treated differently. Do you see your kids as being the same? Of course not, then why do we treat our people as they are exactly the same. Learn about them, their Idiosyncrasies and use them to communicate more effectively. Don’t tell them, sell them on your ideas and the ides of senior management.

Remember, you can see W. Steven Brown share Leadership information on a video preview of Leadership in Action dropdown at the top of this page. Take a look, it can’t hurt. Have a great day.

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