What is the purpose of Leadership?

I have been asking that question of managers for over 30 years and the answers I get are all about the same.

Motivation of the team

Insuring the goals are attained

Fixing problems

Producing profits

Ensuring the work is done correctly

All those might in someway be descriptive of a leader but none share the true purpose of Leadership. The purpose of leadership is:

To provide for the continuation of the business! It’s just that simple. Yet, it is so hard to do because most leaders become leaders because they are good at doing their job. Someone recognizes that talent and promotes them to a leader/manager. The problem is the vast majority of managers I have worked with over my career have no clue how much their job has changed.

They are no longer superstars who get recognized all the time. They now take a back seat and help other become superstars and get the credit. A true leader builds a team that is so strong they don’t need the leader in order to perform. Leaders help people become independent of them not dependent upon them. Leaders challenge growth through questions and not just give answers.

I have seen many companies lose good people because they promote strong workers into leadership roles without giving them the skills necessary to lead effectively. The graveyards are full of outstanding workers/salespeople who died as leaders just for that very reason.

Because of this, 31 years ago I began a quest to help companies build great leaders through to very effective multi-media training systems entitled Practical Sales Management and Leadership in Action, both produced by Steve Brown, Chairman of The Fortune Group! Over the years we have produced several different versions to keep up with the changing times but never have we lost the foundation of what it takes to build and lead a strong team!

Please invest the time to explore them, look at the previews, the expected outcomes and session objectives. Learn more by clicking here to receive a PDF sharing an overview. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

If you feel you are not the correct person to evaluate this, please share it with the one in your company who is. Thank you!

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