Why are More Sales Lost by Experienced Salespeople?

Ever had a salesperson call on you. You liked the person but really didn’t want the product or service they were selling, so when the time came you shared little white lie to let them down as gently as possible. More sales are lost by experienced salespeople because we try attempt to answer excuses or little white lies than any other reason.

Think about what happens at the time we shared the excuse. The salesperson did one of two things quit or began hard selling on the excuse you gave him/her. The more they tried to deal with the excuse the bigger the hole they dug for themselves.

We have a proven way to put truth into the interview, to get to verify the real objection by burying the excuses. You can see it, as it is a part of our “Solution Based Selling” System in the section called closing. It’s called “Verifying The Prospect’s True Concern.” Watch it at: http://www.accountability-plus.com/solution-based-selling/video-preview/. After you click to start the preview run you curser to the bottom and select the one on the far right 5 of 5. Your answer is there. If you feel it could help you just contact me. If you know someone else it could help, share it with them.

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