Why is there so much FEAR in the workplace today!

The technology of the 1980s and 1990s bears almost no resemblance to what we have today. In the same way, our jobs and organizations probably bear little resemblance to that time. Companies reduce their staffs, outsource their operations, rearrange their organizational structure, and upgrade their platforms and tools. All of this creates fear of job security in the minds of their employees.

As I began to think about I could help with this fear, I thought it might fall on deaf ears. Why? Because in too many companies the last budget planned and first one cut is training. This occurs for several reasons, not the least of which is many on the senior team just do not see the value of training.

We know many are holding cash, not hiring because of fearing the unknown. However, that is the very reason companies should be training, enhancing people abilities. We are all demanding more from fewer people and they are burning out or in fear of being the next on the chopping block if layoffs are taking place.

We need to be allaying those fears and showing a commitment to them by providing quality development. This stabilizes people and helps them feel a sense of security, belonging and certainly creates more productivity. Someone once said; people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. In too many companies today, people are unsure how much they are valued.

Manager’s attempts to do this often do more harm than good. The at-a-boys, pats on the back, good job comments, etc. are so short lived. People need something that can help them be more effective in their jobs and in their lives.

I mention this because we have an idea for you that can accomplish both purposes for you while building a culture of Personal Accountability in your company. Imagine no more blaming or excuses, solutions and not problems. Think this doesn’t apply to your company, I have a friend who is a professional speaker who was working with a major medical firm’s sales operation. In doing so he kept hearing the term SPC. When he inquired what it stood for he was told the Sales Prevention Club. This was the term they used for corporate. Can you imagine?

The idea I am suggesting is a training system entitled The QBQ! The Question Behind the Question! It is all about eliminating blaming, excuses, entitlement thinking and procrastination while building that core value of Personal Accountability. Not only is it effective but it is affordable as well. If you click on QBQ! above you will see a preview on this exciting course that so many companies are raving about. If you would like to receive a PDF overview that shares everything you need to know, simply send an email to me requesting one.

This course can change your people and company! Thanks you for your time.

Best regards,

Jim Strutton, CEO
Accountability Plus, Inc.
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