A Personal Note from Jim Strutton, CEO Accountability Plus, Inc.

I am extremely proud of every organization that chooses to make us a part of their management team. In doing so we are partnering with them in the development of their most valuable asset, their people.

I am not sure that organizations always realize how much confidence they place in their partner and supplier of the training they utilize. It is a compliment, and a serious responsibility, to be the recipient of this trust because participants get more direct input from our training systems than they will from most managers in their organization.

In our training systems we have done everything within our capability to make sure that the concepts presented are practical and reasonably easy to implement. We know from our experience with client companies that if the ideas and skills are put into practice, the desired results will be achieved.

Our system’s purpose is never to stereotype people or require that they agree with the ideas. The purpose is to challenge the participant’s thinking. We have not developed the only workable approaches to dealing with life’s challenges and opportunities.

Our purpose, through the our training systems, is to ‘help people be themselves.” Socrates described it best when he said, “You never teach anyone anything; you allow them to discover the truth for themselves.” We involve your people! Thanks again!


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