Leadership In Action – Sessions & Objectives


#1 “Today’s Challenge – Leadership”

  • The prerequisites for business success
  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Effectively using the mission
  • Attaining predetermined objectives
  • Leadership is a skill
  • The purpose of leadership
  • Eliminating distrust

#2 “Why We Fail to Lead – Part I”

  • The negative impact of management mistakes
  • Being a booster of messages, not a filter
  • Accepting personal accountability
  • Developing strong teams
  • Management time pressures
  • Eliminating the we/they syndrome
  • Profit – the fuel that drives business

#3 “Why We Fail to Lead – Part II”

  • Using problems to attain objectives
  • Being the leader, not a best friend
  • Standards to build pride
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Providing recognition to people at all levels
  • Understanding motivation
  • Eliminating employee adoption

#4 “How to Structure for High Level Performance”

  • Why people fail to perform effectively
  • Creating competence and confidence
  • Gaining greater commitment
  • Clearly sharing expectations
  • Building value in the job
  • Effectively measuring performance
  • Setting minimum standards of quality

#5 “How to Train and Coach for Results”

  • Change means train
  • Creating the desire to learn
  • Three step model for classroom instruction
  • Training should build confidence
  • Enhancing one-on-one coaching skills
  • Changing behavior is a process
  • The consequences must be in balance

#6 “How to Confront Incompetent Behavior”

  • Leaders do not condone incompetence
  • The rules for effective confrontation
  • How to effectively confront quickly
  • How to solve the problem
  • Techniques to redirect negative behavior
  • Effectively reinforcing positive behavior
  • A leadership self assessment

#7 “How to Facilitate Change Effectively”

  • Some people resist some embrace change
  • The pains of change
  • Benefits can out weigh the pain
  • Why some resist
  • Change is always preceded by dissatisfaction
  • People must always understand the purpose
  • Technique for selling change

#8 “Belief – The Foundation of Success”

  • The difference between success and failure
  • Behavior change comes from thinking
  • How elevate a person’s thinking
  • Understanding self esteem is critical
  • How to build a person’s self esteem
  • What top performers believe in
  • Leaders build people’s belief

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